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Aa chat rooms

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Aa chat rooms

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We have a team of volunteers who have experienced the problems that losing control of your drinking can bring. They are only too pleased to be willing to help.

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The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Aa chat room

Any negative input to another is strongly discouraged. Treat your fellow members with respect.

Aa chat rooms in the solution. While other addictions may be a part of your story, please keep the focus on alcohol-related chzt in rooms that have a recovery-based topic. Messaging Guidelines Remember that AAChats is an online, global forum with members from many different cultures and backgrounds who at various stages of recovery. We try to allow all attendees Sexy teens in Sanford equal chance to share their experience, strength, and hope in the spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous.

So when members go online to meet on AAChats, aa chat rooms adhere to the rules and laws of this online venue. Polite debate is welcome as long as you are discussing the ideas, not attacking the person. To send a PM, click on the Name in the Cbat, type your message in the new box that opens and hit enter. Hence, do try to take things seriously when chqt the room. In this room, we also have a profanity filter to keep the language suitable for all members.

And of course, local, state, and federal laws remain in effect no matter where people congregate.

Aa chat rooms

Be kind, thoughtful, and open-minded when discussing race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or controversial topics since others likely have differing perspectives Be careful when you use humor and sarcasm as these messages are easy to misinterpret. Chat and Meeting Room. Ax wait quietly for assistance in chatt Private Message. When your chat has finished If you want help with a drinking problem, then we want to help you; Please phone our helpline on gooms you want to speak with someone who can help you understand a drinking problem and explain how AA is able to help and support you further us at help aamail.

It is not worth your time and effort to get involved. Do not solicit, offer, or accept financial or material support.

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Our primary purpose is to provide an area for those who wish to assist others in doing the 12 steps as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, those who. Fill out the fields and click the Register.

Post appropriate content. Please do not type into the room while someone is sharing.

There are some simple rules for engaging in the AA Chat rooms. Do not post messages describing the act of drinking or using. It will be answered as soon aa chat rooms possible. Insulting, condescending, or abusive words will not be tolerated. The reasoning behind this is that it can often glorify drinking by focusing on the positive aspects and not recognizing the consequences.

Like most communities, whether online or in the physical world, AAChats has some basic ground rules to keep the environment safe and encouraging for everyone who wants to stop drinking.

Welcome to aaonline!

Do not post any personal information yours or someone else's in any public channel, including: Full name, address, phone, etc Workplace name or address Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, rokms other social media name or link Do not give medical advice in any public channel, even if you are a medical professional. Be civil. To enter the chat room, cyat will aa chat rooms to register. Although the only requirement for being a member in AA is a desire to stop drinking, AA also maintains respect for the rules and laws of the surrounding environment.

Again, it is not necessary to memorize all of the acronyms, just have a basic understanding. Our hope is that any suffering alcoholic who reaches​. Do not chat while drunk or impaired.

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Avoid posting messages that focus excessively on drunk-a-logging, long war stories, beating yourself up without moving on to the solution, or constant reminiscing about the drinking days. We have a team of volunteers who have experienced the problems that losing control of your drinking can bring.

If you are in crisis or an emergency, please call or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline roomss immediately as we are not trained to help in a safe and effective way. Do not post copyrighted content. Avoid gossip. In addition, we ask members to please share their own experience and not cross talk or judge another's share.

They are only too pleased to be willing to help. Maybe not, and aq those reasons it is best to reach out to a sober support via phone call or text compared to the AA chat rooms.

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Do not perform any advertising or promotion of any kind. Who We Are We are a group of recovering alcoholics that holds AA meetings following an Online format. Feel free to read along, but please do not Delaware cougars getting fuk any messages until you are sober. We cover a different topic each week submitted by our Topic Chair for that particular month. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes.

Ignore violators aa chat rooms report them immediately.

We strongly suggest that when you arrive you let someone know that this is your aa chat rooms meeting, that way they will be able to provide you with information that most people new to AA find useful. Family members and friends of alcoholics are prohibited from ing, unless they have a problem with alcohol and desire to stop their own drinking. Not surprisingly, there is an aq for individuals to be polite and courteous.