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Gay spanking stories

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Gay spanking stories

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The innocent Harry spankingg under Draco's aura and spell and discovers his submissive side. Sometimes, there are complications and strange things happen. An interactive story. Growing Up: Several l try impress their parents with their maturity.

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His voice was barely a whisper. Taking my boy for some naked fun on the town. I looked at Mickey. His bum-muscle closed tight after my finger was withdrawn.

Male spanking fiction featuring bad boys & men getting punished with humiliating sore hard bare ass spankings. His storeis lashed them even harder. His nuts brushed against my arse-cheeks.

Billy historical sex story with anal and spanking

Dickingson, Jon Hold, Sawyer St. The Prentices were religious folk. We hope you will find this site the first place of choice to post and read excellent Male-Male corporal punishment, BDSM and discipline stories of all types. I picked up the leather and wrapped the buckle-end around my gaj. I told him about that itinerant farm-hand.

Then I really let him have it. Prasang. Billy squirmed. He bent down to kiss me and I wiped the sweat from his sweet forehead. Hurt like Hades".

I used the buckle-end of the belt on his orbs until pinpricks apanking blood dotted the punished flesh. I reached under the bed and found my trusty tub of petroleum jelly and coated my finger. The next day I was snoozing on my bed gay spanking stories a particularly delicious Sunday roast when a shadow woke me up.

Gay spanking stories

gay spanking stories If she had known her spanjing now carried my seed inside him, and that his was in me, the good lady might not have been so grateful. He started moving of his own accord and soon my nuts exploded with a rainbow of an orgasm which coated the walls of his bowels. I stood up and placed a pillow on the end of the bed. His father really got stuck into him but Mickey never made a sound. Billy got undressed while I unlooped my thick leather work belt and doubled it.

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His buttocks were exposed and waiting. Then trying to prove he had improved, he succumbs to his change for total humiliation.

Its pink pucker looked like it was about to wink at me. That was until Danny aimed the stick so it lashed the youth's tender thighs. I took out a lot of my aggression and frustration on Billy's pliant buttocks that sunny afternoon. The youth bent over a table covered with bird droppings.

By charles hamilton the second

Inmide the quiet space the youth undressed. It was Billy. I put my arms around him and we kissed. Thank you gay spanking stories browsing here! See's list of the Best Spanking Gay Sex Stories Online and get reading! His father gently tapped Mickey's uncut dick with the switch. I don't believe he had ever imagined such a thing was possible. Danny glared at his son. The sitter's cousin masquerading as the sitter turns the tables and teaches the boy a lesson that holds.

I smiled with pleasure. When he starts high school, he gets a big surprise meeting a BMOC senior so he have a 'mentor'.

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He spat out the hated words. Billy greased up his six inch penis and then I knelt on the bed. The jokester pays a heavy price for his despicable deed. I tried to sound consoling.

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Sometimes, there are complications and strange things happen. He didn't sound very convincing.

We cuddled, my erection pressing against his bum crack. If such fiction is unfortunately illegal to gay spanking stories in the country you are browsing from, we strongly advise caution and use of the story tagging we offer to avoid putting yourself at risk. But you're so masculine". Even old Henry was his usual cheeful self again.

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Lizzy pushes Tommy's buttons after a playful spanking. Alone and after closing some ancient Greeks mortal and immortal teach them lessons they will never forget. Gadfly, J. spankking

How I wanted to make spqnking love to that part of Billy's anatomy! Spanked, gay spanking stories, and punished—the way all good gay asses should be! He looked up at me through tear-filled eyes. His tongue tentatively touched mine. The HS Geek vs. Gay spanking stories! Mickey was there with a tribe of younger children. I share Prasang with two young store clerks.

A broad band of red flooded healthy pink flesh. I cleaned us both up and then we got dressed again. The youth was soon yelling after each hard lick.