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What is chat drug

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What is chat drug

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A leafy green plant containing stimulant drugs How it looks, tastes and smells What does it look like? Khat is a leafy green plant containing two main stimulant drugs which speed up your mind and body. Their main effects are similar to, but less powerful than, amphetamine speed. Khat is used mostly in North East Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula and by expatriate communities drrug these regions.

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As recently as Januarythe U.K. The effects of khat also known as qat, qaad, Arabian tea, kat and chat are similar to those of other amphetamines, according to authorities like the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Khat drug profile

In many social interactions, it takes the place of alcohol. There is a small risk of ificant liver disease, which has the potential to be life threatening. But using any drug involves risks. If you are worried about your use, you can call FRANK on for friendly, confidential advice. Though khat is generally described as a mild stimulant, there is consistent evidence of overuse and addiction.

Please refresh the and try again. Inthe WHO classified the plant as a drug of abuse that can produce mild to moderate psychological dependence less than tobacco or alcohol[2] although the WHO does not consider khat to be seriously addictive. The plant however is widely available and legal in East Africawhat is chat drug African nations naked welland females the other hand such as South Africa consider it as a protected species.

Original article on LiveScience. Abyssinian Tea, African.

Khat addiction and abuse

What is khat cut with? Feyissa A. The leaves of the drug called kat are the chief source of pleasurable excitement in these districts of East Africa. It does not produce the immediate and intense high of addictive drugs such as cocaine and meth. To this day, people chew fresh khat to release a stimulant effect. Active ingredients dtug cathine and cathinone.

How does it make you feel? Call now for: Access to top treatment centers Caring, supportive guidance Khat Use Around the World Khat has been used for decades as social tonic, with some of its users comparing it to coffee. Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs had declared there is "insufficient evidence" that khat causes.

Understand the risks

Khat can also be brewed as a tea or made into a chewable paste. Most Read. Corkery, J.

Chewing khat releases the drug slowly. Street Names. Chzt was a problem. Those who consume these leaves have to eat lots of ghee and honeyfor they would fall ill otherwise. These leaves are chewed, and act upon the spirits of those using them, much as a strong dose of green tea acts upon us in Europe, when it acts agreeably.

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The plant is mostly wha by East Africans and South West Arabians, rarely by people from other places. Immigrants spread khat use As immigrants from East Africa and the Middle East have settled in communities throughout Europe and North America, they have brought their tradition of khat with them, causing some friction between khat users and law enforcement officials. Kalix, P. What is it?

Khat use around the world

Frequently Asked Questions. Khat is a stimulant made up of fresh leaves of the Catha edulis shrub found in East Africa and southern Arabia. WHO, Geneva. In Ethiopia, men gather together to talk about life and chew on khat leaves.

Halbach, H. Yes Thank you for ing up to Live Science. Worried about khat use? As a result, cathine is only a Schedule IV controlled substance, a drug with a low potential for abuse and dependence. Some khat users also smoke the drug, make it into tea or sprinkle it on food.


Yes Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Europeans used to stronger stimulants, are little affected by the use of kat, but among the more temperate Arabs it is so welcome a provocative to good humour, that about two hundred and eighty camel-lo of it are used every year in Aden only. The decision, announced today July 3has many outside the khat-using community wondering what exactly what is chat drug is, and why its use was allowed in the U.

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Its popularity stimulates the economy and acts as a lucrative cash crop in Yemen and Somalia. It contains a of chemicals, among which are two controlled substances, cathinone and cathine.

Why the herbal stimulant 'khat' was banned

Since the 13th century, it has been used as wht recreational drug by indigenous people of the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, and the Middle East. The action of cathine and cathinone on the reuptake of epinephrine and norepinephrine has been demonstrated in lab animals, showing that one or both of these chemicals cause s the body to recycle these neurotransmitters more slowly, resulting in the wakefulness and insomnia associated with khat use.

Because khat comes druh recognisable leaf form, it can't be easily cut with anything. You will receive a verification shortly. In Canada, the United States and most of Europe, khat is a controlled substance, often placed in the same category as cocaine. Stimulant drug made from the leaves and twigs, evergreen shrub.